To apply for a firearms certificate in the Republic of Ireland one needs to download an FCA1 form from the Garda website or pick up a copy in your local Garda station. Then fill it out and return to your local station.

Form can be downloaded here: FCA1 Form 

The Gardai and Department of Justice both have an FAQ in relation to owning and licencing firearms.

Garda FAQ 

Department of Justice FAQ 

If you want to get a firearms licence for hunting you need two landowners permissions to shoot on their land. If you have difficultly finding permissions, there are gun clubs that you can join. I have a thread started here on how to join one Gun Clubs Thread .

If you have no interest in hunting there are ranges around the country that people can join. There is a thread started here on ranges in Ireland: Ranges thread 

After that, you need two character references which can be essentially anybody. For example, for one of my licences my uncle is a character reference.

You will need to have details about the firearm as well, such as the serial number, make and model and where you are getting the firearm. If it is a firearms dealer you will need to put down their details same for private sales.

Proof of competency. There are courses that people can do to prove this. For me personally I just put down on my first application that my father showed me how to handle a gun safely. Every application after that I just referred to my own experience in being a safe with firearms.

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